Why use a lapel pin?

When it comes to displaying one’s affiliation, there are many options to take. There are lanyards, rubber bracelets, t-shirts, and even cloth bags. More than being fashion statements, they can display one’s achievements, membership, or even a stand on a particular issue.

But when it comes to elite merchandise, there is no doubt that lapel pins are the way to go. Long used as indicatives of political and social standing, these are sure to provide class and style to any organization or university. Still not sold? Below is a list of reasons why choosing pins as an organization’s official merchandise is the best choice to make.

lapel pinsProduction is relatively cheap. Compared to having lanyards printed or rubber bracelets stamped, getting custom-made lapel pins is cheaper and economical, though their stylish and rich exterior belies this. There is a reason why many organizations in the past have opted for this particular type of merchandise. What is more, ordering in bulk will result in a lower price.

Lapel pins are also small and handy. They can be stored in a small box, when not in use. Compare this to the experience of having dozens of unworn and unused organization-distributed t-shirts and cloth bags. Those would definitely clutter up a closet and take up room. But with these small pins, storage would not be a problem. They can also be worn without hassle on the part of the wearer. For example, in order to use lanyards, one would have to have identification cards or keys. When these things are in short order, the lanyard would be relegated to the storage area. On the contrary, pins can be worn everywhere.

Aside from their compact size, they are also stylish and classy accessories. Previously, people wore boutonnieres, which are usually made out of fragrant flowers and leaves. Eventually, lapel pins took their place. These accessories served as signifiers of an elite class of people. Similarly, wearing the lapel pin of an important organization proudly on one’s jacket gives a sense of accomplishment and achievement. More than being just fashion accessories, they add an aura of style and grace to the one who wears it. They also serve as identification, as they can signify one’s allegiance to a particular group or organization.

Since they are batch-produced, lapel pins can also serve as collectible items. As a matter of fact, vintage collectors are hoarding pins that were made in the 1960s and 1970s. Back then, pins were being used to display political affiliation. When Russia was still called the Soviet Union, pins bearing the likeness of Vladimir Lenin would be given out to citizens. Similarly, the People’s Republic of China would give out pins with the portrait of their then leader Mao Zedong. These were used to signify their political allegiance and loyalty to their leaders. Now, when these pins are in the market, collectors snatch them up for high prices. They sell well on the vintage and antiques market.

Lapel pins, as a consequence of being wearable everywhere, are effective ways of advertising an organization and its causes. Since they are not common souvenir items, people’s interest would be piqued upon the sight of a lapel pin, compared to a cloth bag which has come into common use. They can be used to spread awareness on a certain issue or topic.

There are many advantages to wearing a lapel pin, and an organization can reap its benefits by having theirs customized today. More than being a stylish accessory, it also serves many purposes, ranging from display of achievements and recognitions to purely collecting joys. It is a versatile piece that can be applied in many areas.

How to Assemble a Printed Circuit Board?

Printed circuit boards can be assembled in manufacturing plants or by hand. Hobbyists often use single or 2-sided boards and components threaded through the holes for PCB assembly. Manufactures most often use multi-layered boards with surface mounting devices.

For hobbyists, assembling printed circuit boards needs a set of tools in order to become successful. The most essential tools needed for the assembly are the following:

  • Soldering iron

Soldering irons are available from simple plug-in-the-wall soldering irons to thermostatically controlled irons. The plug-in-the wall iron does not have any temperature regulation mechanism and has to be turned on and off frequently during the entire PCB assembly process. For best function, choose an iron with 30 to 50 watts. Thermostatically controlled irons have dials that adjust the temperature of the tip of the iron.

  • Solder

PCB assemblySolders attach the through-the-hole components to the board. There are 2 categories of solder used for electronics: the lead/tin alloy and the lead free solder. Commonly used lead/tin alloy is the 63% tin-37% lead alloy and the 60% tin-40% lead alloy. The melting point of these alloys is at 360˚F.

Some manufacturers prefer the lead-free solder over the use of lead because of environmental concerns. Alloys used in lead-free solder include copper, tin and silver. The melting point of lead-free solder is at 423˚F.

  • Small wire cutter
  • Small pliers
  • Dental probe
  • Volt/ohm meter
  • Magnifiers
  • Anti-static mat
  • Solder removal tools
  • Damp sponge

Procedure for PCB assembly

To solder, heat the solder until it melts and flows freely. Use solder sparingly, just enough to bond the surfaces that are being soldered. Double check for cold solders. These are areas wherein the solder has not been heated enough and the solder does not flow properly. This will cause the soldered surfaces to detach while in use. When using 2-sided boards, use enough solder so that the melted solder flows from one side to the other.

To start, thread the through-hole PCB components in pre-cut holes in the desired circuit pattern. Bend the leads of the components slightly for better anchorage. Then solder the components properly. Keep the soldering iron at 45 degrees angle to the soldered surface. The tip of the iron should be in contact with the PCB and the lead at the same time. Be careful when soldering to avoid overheating the pad. Overheating can lift the pad off and damage the PCB.

A good place to start is by placing the resistors. Bend the leads at the body in a 90-degree angle then insert the leads through the hole. The body of the resistor should be tight against the surface of the board. If the resistor has a tendency to heat up during operation, lift it about a quarter of an inch from the surface of the board. This will allow air circulation to cool the resistor to prevent damage and malfunction. Once in place, turn the board over and solder the leads. Next, place the capacitors, diodes and transistors. Then add the ICs. The leads on the ICs tend to come bent outwards. Readjust the angles and thread through the holes, then solder in place.

When soldering, make sure to avoid overheating any of the components, especially the semiconductors. Using small plies and dental probes help in handling the tiny components. Also, manual PCB assembly requires skill and patience, especially with soldering. It is recommended to practice soldering in a separate board before doing it on an actual circuit board. Also, reworking the entire board is also a huge possibility. Be careful when removing the solders and reworking the circuit pattern to prevent damaging the entire board.

Custom Rubber Wristbands Throughout the Years

They say no outfit is complete without accessories. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small–any kind of accessory can actually give anyone a better look. And what better way is there to accessorize every day than by sporting comfortable, casual, and still stylish accessories that people of any age could wear? Yes, these are nothing but the custom rubber wristbands.

Today, these bracelets are more commonly known as wristbands, jelly bracelets, or even as “ballers.” These are accessories made to wear on the wrists like bracelets or bangles. But unlike the common bracelets, wristbands are typically made from rubber or silicone instead of precious metals like silver and gold. Because of this, wristbands give off a more casual look and can be paired with any day clothes.

But where exactly did custom rubber wristbands come from and how did they manage to prevail throughout the years?

Traditionally, rubber wristbands were made as anti-fashion accessories way back in the 70s. They were big in the punk-rock fashion defying the conventional high-class jewelleries. But it wasn’t until the 80s when celebrities and musicians alike started wearing them as a trend in their music videos and other shows. Understandably, the popularity of rubber wristbands rose high, thanks to the dedicated fans.

custom rubber wristbandsIn the 90s to early 2000s, rubber wristbands were started to be called jelly or gel bracelets. It is also then when its synthetic counterpart, the silicone, started to gather popularity and patronage by more customers. It was also the time when both rubber and silicone wristbands were associated with an urban legend relating to a sex game. In simple terms according to the myth, these wristbands are emblematic to certain sexual acts based on their color.

However, in the subsequent years, custom rubber wristbands evolved into a more significant accessory. In 2004, Lance Armstrong together with the company Nike revolutionized the accessory’s purpose by creating the now-famous “charity awareness wristbands.” These are the wristbands that carry a specific message supporting a cause. Armstrong’s pioneering cause was dedicated to raise cancer awareness. Rubber wristbands have then started to become a dependable tool in fundraising occasions.

But the wristband’s saga does not end there. More than being an awareness-raising device, they also became a great accessory by the sports icons to express themselves. Various sports celebrities, particularly basketball players, are often seen donning wristbands as part of both their gaming and casual outfits—thus the term “ballers.” Not long after that, sports fans also started wearing and collecting custom rubber wristbands as a sign of their support to sport teams and icons.

Entrepreneurs saw this as a window of opportunity to profit. Various companies, mostly those big sports businesses, started manufacturing rubber wristbands for mass produce. Only a few years later, even small businesses started to make more personalized wristbands, the ones not solely intended for sports-related activities.

This inevitably led to the more widespread popularity of personalized rubber wristbands. In the mid to late 2000s, custom wristbands have been used to express individuality. More designs were produced and it became as personalized as it can get. Anyone could actually get a design of him/her own nowadays and not worry about it having any duplicate.

Today, custom rubber wristbands are used in various occasions and paired with different outfits. They are worn by both the socially elite and the common people. They are seen on the arms of both celebrities and on those of the people on the streets. They have endured different circumstances and have been associated with a lot of differing symbolical meanings. But despite it all, these personalized wristbands are here to stay to serve more years of comfort, style, and practicality.

Tips For Sifting Through The Many SEO Companies

Searching for things online can prove to be painstaking if you think about it. In the past, you would be greeted with few results and perhaps a side of frustration. That’s no longer the case, because today you will end up searching through various things online and get hit with so many different answers, that you will have a hard time figuring out what is what. For some things, the relevance of search results is not a big deal, but for others, the answers will make or break your next move. This is evidenced through the search for services such as SEO companies. Do a search for those words and you’re going to end up factoring in hundreds of thousands of results overall. It’s something that most people don’t really understand until they are working on a variety of issues, and trying to hire a good company to work with. If you are looking to hire a company to work on the search engine optimization of your page, make sure that you look at a few distinct elements. The following tips will help you narrow down the search that can prove to be painstaking, to say the least.

Localize Your Search For Better Communication

seoSome people prefer to know that the company they are working with is local. If you want a consultation with someone that is near your home, then you will want to look for offices and businesses that may be in your community. You’ll be surprised with how many companies are within the city limits of your area, and will definitely provide you with local listings. Local rankings can help small business grow to all new levels. This of course is not something that will help you move forward unless you factor in the need for a brick and mortar solution. That’s right, brick and mortar shops will definitely reap the rewards of having this in place. Localizing the search will have a plethora of opportunities overall, so make sure that you factor that into the fray of your search.

Results That Don’t Lie

The second thing that you may want to look into is simple, do the SEO companies that you’re looking for have results. How do you measure results? You look for details of their past. Most companies will give you a clear picture of what they’ve done in the past. If you look at what they’ve done and you can clearly define things based on past history, then you have a company that you can trust. Don’t trust any company that doesn’t have a portfolio or a client list that can help you determine how to move forward. If you end up looking at companies that are just promising results, but don’t show that they’ve been doing good work, then there’s something wrong.

Search Engine Results

When looking for a company to help you rank within search engines, make sure that you take the time to find them through those means. This may sound simple enough, but it’s a lot harder than ever. You want to narrow down a variety of keywords that the company you want to hire should rank for. Look for SEO, internet marketing, content marketing, and anything you can think of to determine how they will help you move forward. If you cannot find them using specialized keywords, than they may not be as good as they say they are. Too often, people end up hiring the wrong company because they find them and go with an impulsive decision. Don’t leave anything to chance, factor in the right elements and hire only those that have a proven quality of being found.

Word of Mouth

Perhaps you are at wits end, and you have look for SEO companies and have too many different elements to consider. If you’re not sure whether or not you want to hire any of the options that you see online, make sure that you look at finding people through word of mouth. That’s right, word of mouth is still alive and well and if you ask around, you may be surprised with the results that you get. Finding a way to narrow down your search may be to ask someone else what they think. If you don’t know anyone that has been using this type of service, then look for reviews of businesses online and that will help you narrow things down a bit.

Forums, Reviews, and More

Be careful when you end up in marketing forums and you have people talking about any given option. Forums, reviews, and blogs are great in regards to finding the real dirt on internet marketing, but they can also point you towards sites that are run by people within the forums and are not on the “up and up”, so to speak. Always be careful when you get a recommendation from these places, and apply some common sense to whether or not they are delivering tried and true SEO services.

At the end of the day, it’s important to hire SEO companies for the work that you need in terms of marketing. Without the helping hands of a professional, you may not get to see the light of greatness that comes with internet marketing in today’s framework.

Materials and Methods in Making ID Lanyards

When having ID lanyards manufactured for whatever reason, one of the most crucial decisions you would have to make is the material of the lanyard itself. This could be a make-or-break decision for your lanyards—so before you order entire batches of lanyards, make sure you are well-informed of the different variants you can opt for. Knowledge of these things should enable you to make the best and the most cost-effective decision.

Polyester is one of the most common choices in terms of material. In its simplest form, lanyards of this kind have the polyester dyed with the design of your choice, and the product is done. If you have a smaller budget for the lanyards, you can go with the tubular polyester variant. Using the same polyester material, these lanyards are tube-stitched to achieve a shoelace-like effect. It requires less ink and less material, hence the lesser cost. Woven polyester lanyards also use the same polyester base, but instead of printing the design in, it is woven into the material. This makes the woven variant last longer than the other two.

But if you would like to go beyond the basic polyester material, you can opt for the nylon variant. This variant is generally the strongest in terms of material. But more than its durability, a big advantage of the nylon variant is its glossy and smooth finish. The details are sharp and well-defined with nylon ID lanyards, giving it a big advantage over the basic polyester types.

If you have an eye for innovation, however, your best choice would be the dye-sublimated variant. Dye-sublimated ID lanyards do not have the design printed on top of the material like in the other variants. Instead, it is dyed directly into the fabric. This variant is best for capturing the details of your design, and for making that design last even longer.

ID lanyardsThe next decision you would have to make is what imprinting method to use. There are five basic types to choose from: embossing, laser engraving, full color, screen printing, and hot stamping. Embossing and laser engraving are the more expensive choices, while as you go through the list of the other types, the cost gets lower. Screen printing is less expensive than full color, and hot stamping is less expensive than screen printing.

Embossing involves raised texts in the material of the lanyard. This is usually done in leather or metal materials, like for dog tags. Laser engraving uses beams of high-intensity light to make permanent marks on steel, aluminum, plastic, or wood, among others. This gives you a final product that does not scratch off. Laser engraved products have superb detail and long life.

The full color method is used when a four-color image is used in the design—the four basic colors being cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This would first separate the images into the four basic colors, and then the design would be printed using the four, in varying intensities. Screen printing is more laborious and time consuming. It involves printing lanyards one by one and then applying heat individually so the design would dry. Screen printing makes for the most durable prints on ID lanyards. Hot stamped lanyards are made by transferring color from a thin film into the material, using heat and pressure. Polyester material is best with the hot stamping type.

Obviously, your choice of method will be determined by how much cash you have to spend on the lanyards. While you might not have much of a choice with heavily-constrained budgets, it helps to be aware of these different methods so you can optimize your choices, given what resources you have.

The Advantages of Ostarine

Are you one of those people who are still confused as to whether to buy Ostarine or not? Are you still unsure what Ostarine is to begin with? Ostarine, more commonly known as MK-2866, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that aims to prevent and treat muscle atrophy as well as osteoporosis. Atrophy is the phenomenon of losing muscle mass mostly after a major surgery or muscle illness. Ostarine, being selective in nature, focuses solely on skeletal and bone muscles. Ostarine does nothing to non skeletal muscles. That being said, this medication provides a huge potential for muscle building and preventing muscle related injuries. Indeed, this is an investigational drug that is catching the eyes of bodybuilders, fitness gurus, athletes and sports buffs. But even ordinary people can reap the benefits of Ostarine. Go ahead and browse through some of the advantages of Ostarine compared to other steroids.

The first one in the list of why you should buy Ostarine is the fact that it is non-methylated. Methyl is a compound present in certain medications, that when absorbed by the liver proves to be toxic and can cause complications in the long run. Ostarine also has no effect on your blood pressure. This is definitely a plus.

ostraineSecond, Ostarine causes suppression just like any form of steroid. However, unlike some steroids, post cycle therapy for Ostarine usage requires no selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) like Clomid or Nolvadex.

Third, despite having a high bioavailability, Ostarine causes no significant damage to the liver as mentioned above. Bioavailability refers to the property of a medication to be absorbed by the body. Most intravenous medications have a bioavailability of 100% but if they are administered some other way, this percentage decreases. Ostarine, despite being taken orally has a bioavailability of 91% – a sure sign that you make the most out of this medication. This is indeed another reason why you should buy Ostarine instead of investing in other steroid alternatives.

One other reason why you should buy Ostarine is the fact that it contains no metabolite M1, which is present in other steroid like medications. Metabolite M1 causes temporary ocular disturbance.

In summary, buying Ostarine is a good thing since even at a small dose of 3 milligrams a day, anabolic reactions can occur in the body. Ostarine is great for the body because it can provide strength and endurance minus the aggression brought about by other steroids.

How Ostarine helps in body recomposition

Despite how advantageous a medication is if you are not aware of its purpose, everything will still remain futile. Now is the time to discuss what Ostarine can do for you.

Ostarine aids in the body’s recomposition process. Recomp is the process of converting body fat into lean mass without any effect on the weight of the person. What Ostarine does is it converts the carbohydrates found in the body fat into lean muscles. Recomping does not happen overnight. It requires a long period of exposure to medication. Under normal circumstances, prolonged exposure to methylated drugs (such as steroids) can have a not so good effect on the liver. Since Ostarine is non-methylated, it has no effect on the liver even if it takes longer than usual to recompose your body mass.

Ostarine doses

The half life of an Ostarine medication is 24 hours. This means that you need not take more than one dose of this drug a day. Better take it in the morning when you are about to start your day to ensure you would not miss out on any day of your cycle.

E-Juice Flavors

To some random people, the creation of e-cigarettes may be merely viewed as nothing more than a rescuing object of replacement that serves as the answer to every struggling chain smoker’s problem. Most people see it as that very key to “the switch” that smokers aim for in taking their first step to giving up their bad habit. But what others are missing is that element of variation that delivers all the fun to the vapers – the variation of levels and flavors that vapers can choose from, much like how a gamer can choose from their favorite video game characters and other customized game elements they’ll be surely glad to select.

Like every group of individuals engaging in one particular activity, the circle of vapers is pretty much another group of people with a variety of tastes and preferences. As such, it also takes a variety of flavors to please their palates not only in terms of their activities and interests but also in the products that they consume.

With vapers, their moods, needs, and tastes vary when it comes to the e juice they’re inhaling. Not only do e liquids differ in nicotine concentrations, but they also have a variety of cool and refreshing e juice flavors that will suit the vibe around the vapers.

When you’re a regular smoker who has just been turned into a new recruit into the vaping world, perhaps you are still craving for that little tobacco taste that you have gotten used to. If you’ve just made the switch and it’s your first time to vale, the first flavor you would probably try is the cigar or tobacco flavor.

j-4It’s really easy to understand: You’ve smoked for years and you’re still new to the vaping world – you can’t help but miss and yearn for that familiar cigar flavor for your taste buds.

That is usually the first phase. Once you have started to adjust and perhaps you have gotten a little tired of the taste of tobacco that is where the experimenting comes.E juice also comes in sugary, fruity flavors that very much taste like those citrus candies.

Those little lemony, candy flavors are perfect for times where in you are trying to brighten up your day or someone else’s, or even for an already bright day. Say you wanna take a walk in the park, and you inhale a grape candy or a key lime e juice. A shock of citrus goes through you and you exhale the vapor as you feel the beautiful sun’s rays tenderly blazing your skin.

Menthol flavors are also available for the e cigarette users. If you’re one to have smoked menthol for years, you are most likely to pick that little mint-flavored juice for your first try. It’s perfect for a hot or humid weather because you’ll probably find a way to cool things down and chill – which the menthol taste can provide. It gives you that cool, refreshing feeling that almost feels like a mildly rough throat hit because of the mint. Mints are perfect if you’re longing for that little crisp.

Apart from the aforementioned fruity, candy flavors, there’s a whole other category of sweet-flavored e liquids that are also available. These are the dessert-like flavors that are perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. Many vendors and online stores are now selling some exotic flavors– flavors that suit anyone’s sugar cravings. For example, you just got done with your heavy meal. A butterscotch or cinnamon roll flavorwould be perfect to satisfy that fondness for sweets. Other sugary flavors like caramel, almond, and apple crumble are also being sold.

The experimenting doesn’t stop there – you can actually customize the flavors and mix different e liquids with one another to create a new different flavor!

What Makes Great Surge Protectors

Most people will hardly notice the value of surge protectors until their electronic devices and equipment get damaged due to sudden voltage surges. These voltage spikes or surges usually occur during a lightning phenomenon wherein there is an increased supply of voltage above the normal rates coming from an electrical power station. In most homes, when several pieces of equipment are plugged into an extension cord or an electrical outlet, the varying voltages required by each piece of equipment cause an uneven flow in the electrical supply.

It is therefore imperative that a reliable surge protection is installed to maintain the life span of the devices and equipment, as well as to protect the end users. Some people will usually interchange surge protectors from a power strip. It is important to note that a power strip can only accommodate more than one or two devices plugged into it. However, if it does not specifically state surge protector or surge suppressor, it will not be able to protect the device plugged into it from power issues or voltage spikes.

How does one identify a good surge protector? First of all, surge protectors come in different sizes and applications. It may be installed for dedicated equipment or outlet or it could be on a larger scale. Nowadays, many prefer to install one right at the electrical main supply line itself before it goes into the building. Also, surge protectors have a life span. Just like a fuse, it could die after it has served its purpose. It usually absorbs all the voltage surges over time and then expires, however in some cases where there is a huge voltage surge, the device may burn up instantaneously.

s-4While some employ a circuit-breaker type of surge protector, some people prefer the type that can be portable and can be plugged into different devices such as computers, laptops, and cellular phones. The circuit breaker type surge protector is usually built in into the main power distribution panel. Once it senses an overload in the power supply, it automatically trips and cuts the power source. It will also continue to trip every time there is an attempt to turn it on while the voltage levels are still abnormally high. Surge protection has a warranted longer life span of about several years, and therefore entails a significantly high capital expense.

Nowadays, there are portable surge protectors that can be bought in various electronic shops. These can be plugged in various gadgets at one given time and can be set to a certain voltage. These portable surge protectors act like a fuse, absorbing any excess voltage above the set limit. It does this until it eventually burns up and dies. This has a shorter life span and is therefore more costly in terms of operational and maintenance expenses.

When canvassing for surge protectors, it’s important to look at the specifications, particularly the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) tag. It guarantees the safety, standardization, and life span of the product. It is also wise to consult with a professional electrical engineer on the various requirements of the structure and the equipment and devices therein so that an appropriate surge protection system or device can be applied. Just like any product that comes with a price, one gets what one pays for.

Surge protection systems come in different sizes and applications and there are a lot of choices in terms of life span, size, installation procedure, and categories. To further ensure that a structure is safe during a power surge, it is best to connect with a legitimate power supply and avoid “jumping” electrical lines. It is also wise to have the power supplier in the state or area to have a surge protection installed already in the main electrical post prior to connecting this to the service entrance of the building or house.

How to Choose the Right Custom Patches with These 4 Factors

Custom patches were used to acknowledge soldiers who had higher ranks in the 1800′s. Nowadays, people can create patches for other purposes by using these factors.

1.Custom Patch Style

The fully embroidered patch style makes the design appear flat on the patch. Although expensive, this patch style won’t let glue stain seep to the reverse side of the patch.

custom patchesThe partially embroidered patch style can make a 3D design on the patch for a cheap price. Discoloration will occur on the patch if glue stain seeps to the reverse side of the patch. The background of the patch is formed by unstitched fabric.

The blank patch style differentiates the two components of the patch. The two components are the plain background and the circumferential border. The circumferential border prevents the thread of the patch from unraveling. This patch style allows a person to sew-on his or her design onto the patch.

The vinyl patch style makes the patch able to withstand -30 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Ultraviolet radiation, water, and scratches won’t damage the patch.

The printed patch style allows other design to be replicated onto the patch. This patch style is fade-resistant and is cheap.

Custom patches with a bullion patch style have a sewn-on metallic thread. The metallic thread enhances the patch by making the design sparkle.

The woven patch style has inner thread that makes an intricate design on the patch.

2.Backing of the Patch

The plastic backing flattens the patch so that it can be thin enough to be sewn onto a garment. The patch has a thin layer of matte plastic attached to its back.

The adhesive backing allows the patch to be placed onto a garment like a sticker. A patch with this backing will become weak overtime unless the patch is sewn into the garment.

The magnetic backing lets the patch to be attached to an object that has metal. The patch may have two or more metal discs attached to its back.

The pin backing uses small pins and butterfly clutches to secure the patch to a garment. This backing allows the patch to be used as a brooch so that it can be moved to different locations.

The security backing has a layer of plastic that contains desired information such as the company logo. The plastic helps remind the person where he or she purchased the patch. The plastic prevents other people from plagiarizing the patch, too.

The two-sided velcro backing has a velcro hook that’s attached to the back of the patch. The velcro hook will attach the patch to a garment that has a sewn-on velcro loop.

The iron-on backing has a special layer that allows an iron to press the patch onto a garment. The pressure and the heat of the iron causes the patch to stiffen.

3.Embroidery Percentage

Custom patches with 100% embroidery are entirely covered in stitches. Patches with 75% embroidery are mostly covered in stitches. An embroidery percentage of 50% is for patches that are not mostly covered in stitches.

4.Patch Border

The hot knife border is a circumferential border that’s cut and sealed by a laser. The patch will have a circumferential border that’s 1 millimeters thick.

The merrowed border is a circumferential border that has colorful stitches. A merrowed border machine seals the circumferential border to the patch from the front to the back. Custom patches with rounded edges commonly have a merrowed border.

The metallic border enhances the ordinary design of the patch by making it dazzle. Patches with a metallic border must be kept away from high temperatures to prevent melting.

The cut border has a tuft of thread sticking out at the outer part of the circumferential border. The cut border is usually done by hand.

Golf Equipment every Player Should Own

For novice golfers, shopping for golf accessories can be very inviting. There are a number of tools and equipment that every player should own if you wish to pursue professional golf. With a lot of golf items offered in the sports stores today, which one do you really need to purchase? How do you choose among a pool of sport brands?

Golf clubs for starters. Every golfer should invest in his or her own club. They differ according to the distance that should be covered. The wood type covers the farthermost strike while the iron, wedge or hybrid is made for more elevated hits. The putter type is for short distance like simple rolling of the ball over the grass. The club must be lightweight and some in a length that suits the height of the user. Taylormade golf has a high end collection of iron, wood and putter clubs. They are made from innovative materials that allows maximum performance and durable feature.

Golf balls. Golf balls should be carried every game even if the golf course can easily provide dozens of it. Taylormade provides both new and recycled golf balls that come in discounted prices.

Protection. Umbrellas serve as the ultimate protection for every type of weather condition in the course. Although it’s not much of a necessity for the game, it is still a common practice to bring an umbrella to the golf course. 60 inch umbrellas are ideal. Taylormade golf offer a double canopy umbrella model that gives maximum coverage to golfers. It only costs $59.99 and comes with an 8% discount.

Headgear. Since golf is an outdoor sport, one key accessory in golf is a visor or cap. Apart from protecting players from direct sunlight, it also serves as a fashion accessory for every golfer. Taylormade golfoffers hats with adjustable radar. They come in fashionable designs that can both be enjoyed by men and women.

t-3Golf gloves. Hand gloves come in leather, synthetic and hybrid materials. The leather type usually provide the best protection but can be very expensive. Golf gloves help players get a better grip on the club while giving protection against friction and extreme weather condition. Gold glove should suit the needs of the player whether he or she is left or right handed. It must also be made of flexible material that allows easy movement for the fingers while still allowing some room to breathe. Taylormade golf is the premier brand that offers high end golf gloves with Coolmax feature. They also have an H2o model that allows maximum protection against extreme temperatures.

Golf bags. Golf bags are one of the most important equipment since they carry all of other essentials. Every golfer should have their own golf bag that suits their needs. They usually come in sand bag or cart bag type. The bag should be made of durable material. Waterproof exterior is ideal but some bags come in weatherproof design like those models from Taylormade golf. They should also have some well cushioned sections and dividers for all of your clubs, irons, woods and wedges. Some bags have special pockets that allows easy access to important items. A golf bag must also be easy to carry for easier transportation.

Head covers. To give maximum protection to your tools, you should own at least one head cover for every club you own. This prevents the metals from smashing one another hen kept inside a golf bag.

Personal golf towels. Unless you want to borrow one from the course, it is hygienic to carry your own golf towel. The Microfiber Player model from Taylormade is the most absorbent material that can handle moisture than any other simpler cloth.